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Gary Lineker

Dear friends. What a farce! Claiming the “right of freedom of expression”, a “celebrity” football commentator abuses our highly valued “freedom” to dash out at the Government working hard to save us from waves of illegal immigrants. As the German would say: “Schuster, bleib bei Deinen Leisten (Cobbler, stick to your last)!“ Instead, he is…

Carbon conundrum

Much has happened since I wrote the last blog. The change of prime minister has been welcomed by financial markets, and Rishi Sunak has shown himself to be a sensible leader, even if there are questions about his true convictions. There are many issues that his government must address, after Liz Truss set out to…

Shock therapy

Today I want to share my concerns about the turbulent first month of the new British government. When Kwasi Kwarteng delivered his mini-budget, everyone was stunned. Here was a government determined to drastically reform the British tax system even if it might be initially unpopular politically. But what Kwarteng and Liz Truss failed to predict…


Hello, this is Wilhelm. Today’s blog is about the end of Boris Johnson and, in a malfunctioning government, what needs to happen next. An election manifesto is not a government programme. Despite his love of Winston Churchill, Johnson never understood that you need a strategy (or a programme) to win a battle and tactics based…


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Wilhelm Tegtmeyer. German. Retired commodities trader. Financial analyst, political writer, cultural Anglophile.

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