Gary Lineker

Dear friends.
What a farce! Claiming the “right of freedom of expression”, a “celebrity” football commentator abuses our highly valued “freedom” to dash out at the Government working hard to save us from waves of illegal immigrants. As the German would say: “Schuster, bleib bei Deinen Leisten (Cobbler, stick to your last)!“ Instead, he is misleading his followers, the football-loving public.

I might not agree with all measures Suella Braverman is bringing forward, like a very expensive Rwanda policy that is limited in its scope, but one thing is certain: We have to stop the flow of people crossing the Channel in flimsy boats, for their own sake and in drying out the lucrative business of people smuggler gangs. And therefore we must support the Government – and stop “freedom of speech” abusing antagonists of the elected government, and as such of the will of the British people, from using a broadcaster paid with our, the hardworking taxpayers’ money for his political games.

Not the freedom of self-declared “refugees”, in fact mainly young men in the prime of their working life coming from safe countries, or the freedom of expressing radical leftist ideas is at stake, but the social and cultural integrity of the country and the unhindered growth of our economy.

Because every Pound squandered by housing and administering so-called refugees is a Pound not being spent in supporting our businesses and industry upon which the welfare of Great Britain and her people so much relies. It is a Pound wasted instead of invested. Instead, we need to attract skilled people who through their work can contribute to the growth of our economy through a well-defined long-term work-visa programme.

Everybody has their role to play, in their own capacities and fields of expertise. Not doing so but going astray and worse, torpedoing the policies established to guarantee the nation’s welfare, undermines the unity of the people of this country.

As the Germans would say: “Wehret den Anfängen (Fight the beginnings)!”

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